Advanced Technology

Intellias guides its clients through the maze of advanced technology trends and delivers complex solutions that unlock new business opportunities and revenue streams. Our multi-domain experience and solid expertise in a variety of technology stacks make us a trustworthy partner for innovation-intensive projects of any scale involving AI/ML, IoT, data engineering, and emerging technology services like computer vision, RPA, and digital twins.

Our emerging technology services

Big data

Gain full and undivided control over your cloud data environment and orchestrate multiple concurrent data pipelines with unprecedented effectiveness.


Harness the virtually unlimited power of lightning-fast, self-learning algorithms for computer vision, voice recognition, and real-time data analysis.

Internet of

Manage fleets of connected devices, capture multiple data streams, analyze them, and use your findings to streamline your business processes.


Mix and match advanced technology elements to create robust emerging technology solutions that address your current and future pain points.

Robotic process automation

Take advantage of deep automation frameworks to speed up your workflows, increase their throughput, boost data processing accuracy, and keep risks at bay

What you get

What we do

Better decision making

With emerging technology elements weaved into the fabric of your business, your decisions will be based on the most up-to-date, relevant, and reliable data available. Augmented with AI-based suggestions and beautifully visualized, too.

Operational Efficiencies

Investing in emerging technology solutions will pay off sooner than you expect. Enjoy a wider field of view of your business, lower error rates, dwindling maintenance costs, soaring NPS values, and the feeling of full control over your spending.

One step ahead of the competition

Securing a competitive advantage at an early stage is a surefire way of outperforming your competition in the long run. Our advanced technology services will help you gain that edge and transform your business for good.

Reap the benefits of early adoption and secure a strategic business advantage today

Why Intellias?

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Technology office

Our technology office is your first step on the emerging technology innovation path. Our experts will assess your challenges and advise you on the most future-proof and cost-efficient way of dealing with them.

Internal R&D projects

Originating from our Centers of Excellence, our internal R&D projects aim to put to the test our knowledge and expertise in the advanced technology domain and prepare us for delivering tangible value to our clients.

Cross-industry expertise

Technologies are rarely used in isolation. We deliver advanced technology solutions in all key areas of expertise and take advantage of the cross-pollination effect at the intersection of different disciplines.

Centers of Excellence

Intellias created a number of Centers of Excellence to bring together our top engineering talent, establish and maintain best practices, and explore such advanced technology areas as AM/ML, Big Data, RPA, and IoT, among others.

Cybersecurity practices

Intellias fully recognizes the importance of data security for advanced technologies in software development. Our cybersecurity practices span the entire range of our services and ensure that our clients’ data never gets compromised.

Culture of innovation

Delivering business value to our clients through advanced technology has been our mission since day one. As a company, we do our best to cultivate a culture of continuous innovation, improvement, and professional growth.

Emerging technology vision

Innovative technologies

We combine tried-and-tested mainstream technologies of today with the most promising emerging tech to deliver products with outstanding characteristics. Emerging technology innovation is embedded into our core corporate principles and ensures our competitiveness in today’s highly dynamic market.

Our clients always look for a balanced mix of advanced technology and reliable, durable architectural approaches. We help them achieve their goals by providing emerging technology services that solve both parts of the equation. We leverage the expertise of our top engineers and the combined power of our Centers of Excellence to come up with answers to questions that no one has asked before, which helps us deliver products that boast unique UX qualities.

Tailored approach

Our multi-year experience in software development guarantees razor-sharp focus on business benefits and the utmost attention to every detail, no matter how minute. None of our work ever gets duplicated and we never offer boilerplate designs to cut corners. With Intellias, you are always getting top-notch, bespoke service.

Our emerging technology services focus on rethinking the applicability of the latest trends to our clients’ business cases. Be it an IoT system for a chain of retail stores, a company-wide RPA framework for a major law firm, or an ML-based image analysis subsystem for a clinic, we know how to use this advanced technology to eliminate a performance bottleneck or expand the functionality of an existing solution, thus saving our clients the trouble of making major investments in system upgrades.

Continuous improvement

Whether it’s a one-time research project or an ongoing emerging technology support project, we never cease to learn and get better. When it comes to bleeding-edge tech, doing is the best way of learning, and we are always up for a challenge that can put our skills and experience to the ultimate test.

Application of emerging technologies in software development is impossible without an established process of professional training and fostering a culture of innovation inside the company. Intellias is firmly committed to prioritizing the use of advanced technology elements and executes on this promise by steadily increasing the capacity of its technology office and Centers of Excellence for the ultimate benefit of our customers and success of our internal R&D initiatives.