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Your Guide to Google Smart Chips for Google Workspace Efficiency

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Google Smart Chips revolutionize collaboration and productivity by introducing dynamic information snippets within Google Docs and Sheets. These chips, part of the Smart Canvas features, enable users to create an intelligent and interactive workflow without switching applications.

The array of smart chips includes Date, Dropdown, Timer, Stopwatch, Task, Variable, Voting chip and Placeholder chip, each serving a unique purpose. Utilizing them is as straightforward as employing the @command. 




An easy way to automatically add dates and days of the week is by using the dates smart chip. The date smart chip facilitates efficient project tracking by allowing users to set and modify deadlines with a simple @date command.  You can simply type “@date” and select a date.

You could use the @ entry point with shortcuts like @today, @yesterday, @tomorrow, and @date. For example, you could type “@tuesday” and you’ll get options for recent Tuesdays.



Facilitating collaboration, dropdown chips offer a list of selectable options, making them perfect for overseeing project statuses and other categorical data. There are two preset dropdowns, specifically for project status and review status, simplifying the management of various tasks. 

If the default dropdowns do not meet your requirements, you have the flexibility to add a new dropdown and tailor the options to your needs. When you hit the dropdowns smart chip, a menu will appear. Type in the template name, option names, adding as many as you want. You can change the color of the dropdown options by clicking on the circle next to the option title.

Stopwatch & Timer

The stopwatch and timer offer a practical solution for tracking time within documents. These chips are particularly handy for collaborative tasks such as monitoring speech duration or ensuring adherence to time limits. Employing them for Pomodoros can enhance productivity as well.

When a stopwatch or timer chip is inserted, you can start, pause or reset the timer as needed.


Voting Chip

Voting chip enables quick feedback collection through emoji-based voting. Collaborators can express their preferences quickly by clicking on designated icons, providing a straightforward way to gather opinions. You can select any emoji as designated icons


Placeholder Chip

Placeholder chip streamlines collaboration in Google Docs. From people and dates to files and events, these chips serve as replaceable placeholders that collaborators can easily fill in, enhancing efficiency in document creation. 

Upon hovering or clicking on a placeholder chip, a search menu opens and includes results filtered to the chip type.

In conclusion, the integration of Google Smart Chips revolutionizes document collaboration, turning static files into dynamic, interactive spaces. By simplifying workflows and offering user-friendly prompts in Google Docs, these chips not only enhance productivity but also contribute to an overall improved user experience. Embracing this innovative feature empowers users to effortlessly navigate tasks and collaborate seamlessly within their documents.

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