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Everything you need to know about Hiver – A Gmail-Based Solution

In the fast-paced world of business, managing an ever-expanding customer base can be a challenging task. The key to a strong customer-business relationship lies in efficient communication, especially through emails – the pillars of workplace correspondence. 


Problems with current shared Mailbox solutions

Shared mailboxes are email inboxes that can be accessed by multiple users. Shared Inboxes like support@, sales@ and info@ are particularly beneficial for large organizations where multiple users can read and respond to emails sent to one mailbox. However there are several problems with the current shared Mailbox solutions.

  • Team members may miss out on an email in a shared inbox, thinking that the other team member must have solved it. It is difficult to check for collisions.
  • Team members could not communicate and share notes on a specific email chain
  • It is not possible to label or set a status for an email such as ‘responded’, ‘awaiting response’ etc.

That is why we would like to introduce Hiver to solve your business problems. 


What is Hiver?

Hiver is a strong support tool designed to seamlessly integrate with Google Workspace, making customer service and workflow easier. It is like a team helper that manages shared inbox email accounts, providing strong customer support and time-saving workflows. Hiver helps your team work together, so everyone can stay on track with customer messages and stay on top of customer communication.

In this article, we will introduce four key features of Hiver that will revolutionize the way your team manages shared mailboxes and enhances customer service.

Key Features

1. Email delegation 

By assigning emails to team members, it eliminates the possibility of response duplication. The assignment of specific team members to individual emails guarantees that every email is promptly addressed. Furthermore, the comprehensive visibility into both delegated and non-delegated emails ensures that no emails go unnoticed.

2. Automations

Streamlining routine business tasks becomes effortless with Hiver’s automation feature. Operating on a fundamental “if-then” protocol, this automation capability simplifies the laborious process of assigning emails to certain members, replying, adding notes and changing the status of progressing work in the Gmail workspace. For example, you can easily set up a trigger action, automatically assigning all emails containing the keyword ‘invoice’ to the finance team.

If you do not want to create your own automation from scratch, Hiver offers the Templates Library as a convenient alternative.

3. Email Templates

The email template feature allows frequently sent replies to be transformed into templates, speeding up the turnaround time. This indicates that your clients will get timely responses, and your team will save time too.

4. Multi-Channel Support

Transform your customer service approach by seamlessly integrating Hiver’s Gmail-based help desk, live chat and knowledge portal. This multifaceted feature ensures a comprehensive and interconnected multi-channel platform, allowing your team to interact with customers effortlessly. The adaptability of this integration leads to a smoother and more efficient customer service experience. Ultimately, it enhances customer satisfaction and engagement, marking a pivotal shift in your overall customer support strategy.

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