Shortcut to Long Term Marketing Success.

Marketing Data Warehouse

Marketing Data Warehouse is a cloud-based platform for integrating, storing and analyzing structured cross-channel and cross-department marketing data. It empowers businesses to consolidate all data into a single source of truth. Marketers and business owners will be able to gain a 360-degree view of customers and make data-driven marketing and business decisions in the long run.

What can you achieve?

Identify Trends & Insights

in customer behavior between and across your marketing channels in real-time to uplift marketing and business performance.

Gain Higher Visibility

into customer preference to improve user experience through accurate personalisation across customer journey.

Accelerate Marketing Innovation

for business needs like audience segmentation, customer lifetime value, product recommendations and behaviour predictions.

Relatively Inexpensive and Elastic Storage

Get immediate access to all the cross-channel data you need for historical analysis and benchmarking with a relatively low cost for mass data storage. Spend less time on reporting and focus on campaign optimisation and making data-driven decisions.

Full Ownership of Historical Data

No more scattered marketing data – centralize data from multiple sources all in one place to get a complete picture of your marketing activity. Simply pull insights you need from your database to make better strategic decisions based on accurate data.

Streamline Data Analysis Pipelines

Alleviate those pains of exporting spreadsheets over spreadsheets to analyze marketing performance by consolidating all the data into one destination. You are just one step away from convenient analysis and data capability growth.

Uncover Insights Faster

Convert your data into visual dashboard for superior marketing analytics. Get started only takes a few clicks, you can immediately start pulling the exact datasets from your marketing data warehouse. 

Who need this?

Your business is growing in size and/or complexity and need answers faster

The need to better understand your marketing strategies, ROI, ROAS, and attribution

Invest in enhanced marketing analytics and customer insights today