Gmail-based Helpdesk Solution: Hiver.

Hiver, the world’s 1st Gmail-based helpdesk, innovates communication and collaboration by seamlessly integrating email, live chat, knowledge base, and voice communication within Gmail. With Hiver, brands can streamline their customer service, finance operations, people operations, and IT operations, all in one powerful platform.

Unlock Unprecedented Efficiency

Delight Customers with Effective Communication

Stay organized and respond faster to customer queries across multiple channels, including email, live chat, and voice, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

Supercharge Team Productivity

Collaborate seamlessly within Gmail, eliminating the need for switching between tools, improving team efficiency, and reducing response times.

Drive Growth with Actionable Insights

Leverage real-time analytics and reporting to gain valuable insights into team performance, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.


Streamline Email Workflow Like Never Before

Effortlessly manage emails at scale with Hiver’s intuitive interface and powerful features that ensure efficient email organization and response management.

Drive Team Collaboration from Your Inbox

Foster seamless collaboration within your team by effortlessly sharing and discussing emails, assigning tasks, and ensuring everyone is on the same page, all from Gmail.

Boost Productivity with Smart Automation

Automate repetitive tasks and workflows, saving valuable time and effort. Hiver’s conditional rules enable task assignments, email routing, and more, ensuring smooth operations.

What can you achieve?

With Hiver, brands and marketers can:

  • Optimize email management and ensure timely, targeted messaging
  • Automate workflows and eliminate manual tasks to maximize productivity
  • Improve response times, customer engagement and satisfaction
  • Superior customer experience by delivering personalized and proactive support
  • Leverage data insights to refine marketing strategies and achieve business goals

We're powered by Hiver

Our dedication lies in equipping businesses with Hiver’s transformative capabilities. Together, we ensure seamless collaboration, enhanced productivity, and unrivaled customer service, driving your success.

More about Hiver

Hiver is the world’s 1st Gmail-based helpdesk that enables businesses to provide exceptional customer service and streamline operations. By seamlessly integrating with Gmail, Hiver empowers teams to collaborate, automate workflows, gain actionable insights, and manage multiple communication channels from one centralized platform, resulting in improved productivity and customer satisfaction.

Unleash the full potential of your customer service