Upgrade to Google Analytics 4 before
1 July 2024.

Last Chance to Back up Universal Analytics (GA3)!

Google Analytics is undergoing a significant shift with the phasing out of Universal Analytics in favor of Google Analytics 4, the next-generation solution. Starting July 1, 2023, standard Universal Analytics properties will halt data processing, urging users to swiftly transition to Google Analytics 4. Users have until July 1, 2023, to continue collecting new data in Universal Analytics properties, with access to previously processed data available until July 1, 2024. Following this, Universal Analytics reports will no longer be accessible in the Analytics interface, and API data access will cease. It’s crucial to back up Universal Analytics data promptly.

What is Historical Data?

  • It’s all the data that was collected by Universal Analytics before July 1, 2023. This includes data on user behavior, traffic sources, conversions, and other metrics.
  • It’s not automatically migrated to Google Analytics 4, as the architecture of GA4 is fundamentally different from that of Universal Analytics.

Why Preserving GA3 Historical Data Matters

  • Historical data could be utilized to gain insights into customer profiles and online behaviors.
  • Datasets could be employed to train machine learning models.
  • Data trends and seasonality could be analyzed to inform budget allocation and project sizing decisions.

Ways of Handling GA3 Historical Data

Ignoring Past GA3 Data and Starting Fresh with GA4

Suitable for businesses that only started using Universal Analytics at the end of 2022, or users with minimal data volume.

Simplest and most cost-effective.

Losing all historical data, which could be valuable for trend analysis, performance measurement, and decision-making

Manually back up GA3 data

Cost-effective option for businesses with limited resources by manually downloading data one by one.

Complex and time-consuming process, especially with a large amount of historical records.

Higher risk of human errors during the import process, potentially compromising the accuracy and integrity of the backed-up data.

Asking Engineers to Write an ETL Script for a One-Time Backup

More structured and automated.

Able to preserve a significant amount of historical data from GA3.

ETL processes are primarily designed for daily or monthly data storage, not querying the entire dataset.

Comes with high costs and is difficult to access.

Professional GA3 Backup Service by Admazes

Reach out to Admazes and we’ll offer a thorough GA3 backup service, including GA3 data extraction, BigQuery import, data processing and feed the data to BI tools like Google Looker Studio for visualization.

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