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Revolutionizing Your Email Writing Experience with Duet AI

Duet AI brings artificial intelligence to the forefront of your Gmail experience.

In the fast-paced world of professional communication, time is of the essence, and crafting the perfect email can be a time-consuming task. Duet AI brings artificial intelligence to the forefront of your Gmail experience. Let’s explore how you can harness the capabilities of Duet AI to efficiently draft and refine your emails.

Write a new draft using a freeform prompt

Gmail’s Duet AI empowers users to initiate a new email draft with a freeform prompt. All you need to do is click the “Help me write” button, enter your prompt and Duet AI will work its magic to generate a well-articulated draft. 

With a simple click, Duet AI effortlessly generated a well-crafted email.

Whether you’re reaching out to a vendor for the first time or scheduling a meeting with your team, Duet AI streamlines the process, making it a powerful tool in your professional toolkit. The freeform prompt feature allows you to express your thoughts naturally, making the process intuitive.

Refine a draft

Beyond creating new drafts, Duet AI offers the unique ability to refine existing drafts. Whether you need to formalize, elaborate, or shorten your content, Duet AI provides intelligent suggestions to enhance your message.

Here is an example of the original draft:


You now have the opportunity to expand upon your initial draft effortlessly by selecting the “Elaborate” button. Duet AI will generate a more detailed version of your original draft. If it aligns with your preferences, simply click “Insert” to seamlessly incorporate the new draft into your email.

The “Elaborate” function is especially invaluable when your initial draft requires more context, depth or clarification. It’s ideal for clarifying ideas and strengthening persuasive messages. 


Next, you have the option to formalize your initial draft, a step that contributes to elevating the formality of your content. This adjustment is particularly beneficial for meeting professional business standards, ensuring a more polished and sophisticated communication approach.


Finally, you have the option to shorten your initial draft, resulting in a concise and precise email. It is especially important in fostering efficient and clear communication in time-sensitive contexts.

Tips for Optimal AI Assistance

To optimize the AI-assisted features, consider submitting feedback to Google after each draft. Your insights contribute to the continuous improvement of Duet AI, making it even more attuned to your preferences and needs. 

When using prompts, be explicit about the recipient, the topic, and the desired tone. This ensures that Duet AI aligns with what you are expecting.


Duet AI in Gmail is a handy tool that transforms email drafting from a time-consuming chore into a streamlined process. Free up your time to engage in more meaningful, deep work, or concentrate on your primary tasks without the burden of prolonged email composition.



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