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Stay competitive in data-driven marketing using Google products

Marketing has always been about reaching the right audience at the right time, with the right message, but in today’s digital world, more than precision is required to succeed. We are now in a predictive era where sophisticated algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning are the keys to anticipate consumers’ needs and interests

What it means to businesses?​

This change gives businesses various new challenges, such as rising user expectations on privacy, regulation increase in restrictions on use of personal data and increasing scarcity of cookies. The size of data is increasing and is being presented with more types of format. And even if the data is successfully compiled, there is still a lack of analytics and artificial intelligence/machine learning solutions on the market today, yet businesses are relying more and more on them to fully utilize the data they have collected. All of this can lead to limited actionable insights for decision makers and can cause teams unable to make timely decisions to meet rising customer expectations in a scalable and cost-efficient manner. 73% of data leaders feel real-time access to data is extremely important according to research, which shows the importance of addressing the issue.

Solutions to stay competitive in data-driven marketing are provided by Google’s services and products, from the data collection and transformation stage, to the analyze and visualize stage, and finally to the activation stage, all can be covered by Google. Google Cloud presents businesses with multiple advantages, for instance, Google Analytics 4 will provide privacy-safe customer insights with or without cookies. Second, Big Query captures existing data from various sources, performs ETL and breaks down silos with a serverless, highly scalable data warehouse. Third, Big Query creates actionable insights to become more customer-centric with machine learning solutions and Looker lets you understand your business in near real time and visualizes your results. Fourth, the ability to manage and govern data and insights in an integrated platform. All of this can be achieved with a best-in-class cloud platform for a consistent customer experience!

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