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A Comprehensive Guide to Hiver’s Reporting Features

Hiver is here to transform the way you understand and navigate your email ecosystem.

Are you facing difficulties in managing shared mailboxes, uncertain about your team’s email performance, and eager to identify areas for improvement? Look no further

Hiver provides comprehensive reports and analytics for your shared mailboxes, offering valuable insights into your email volume, team performance, and areas for improvement. These reports offer an overview of essential metrics for your team, providing detailed insights for each metric.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the four default reports that form the nucleus of Hiver’s transformative capabilities.


This report gives you insights into the volume of conversations handled by your team. You can see a plot of the number of conversations in the shared mailbox per day over the selected period.

Active conversations refers to the conversations with at least one email sent or received during the selected time period. 

New conversations refers to the conversations started during the selected time period.

Resolved conversations refers to the conversations which were closed during the reporting period, and were never re-opened later.

You can click on the Analyze button on the right to dig deeper and apply filters to narrow down the scope.

Understanding the distinctions between active, new, and resolved conversations, along with the ability to apply filters, empowers you to identify patterns, enhance responsiveness, and streamline your team’s email management effectively.

When you scroll down, you will find the metrics first response time, first assign time, response time and resolution time. 

First response time refers to the time taken by the team to reply to the first email received in a conversation.

First assign time refers to the time it takes to assign a conversation in the shared mailbox for the first time.

Response time is the time taken by the team to respond to conversations.

Resolution time is the duration in which a conversation was in the ‘open’ state.

These metrics allow you to gain a holistic understanding of your team’s performance, facilitating informed decisions for optimized communication and customer satisfaction.


This report lets you know the volume of conversations handled by each user who is a member of the team. 

Assigned shows the number of unique conversations assigned to the users during the selected time period. 

Emails sent is the total number of emails sent by each user.

The “User Report” serves as a powerful tool for evaluating individual team members’ email performance, allocating tasks effectively, and fostering a collaborative environment that contributes to the overall success of your team.


The “Tags Report” offers valuable insights into the distribution and handling of conversations based on assigned tags. By providing a clear overview of the volume of conversations associated with each tag, it ensures that each tagged category receives the attention it requires.


As soon as a conversation is added to a shared mailbox, Hiver automatically infers the contact based on the sender/receiver of the conversation. Once Hiver identifies the contact, it uses the contact’s email address to define the company that the contact belongs to.

By offering insights into the volume of conversations and the team’s performance across each company, this report becomes instrumental in fostering targeted and informed interactions. It ensures that your team can efficiently track and analyze communication trends, ultimately contributing to enhanced client relationships and improved overall performance.

Custom Reports

If the default reports do not align with your business requirements, Hiver offers a tailored solution through the “Custom Reports” feature. By clicking the “Custom reports” button, you gain the flexibility to create reports that are uniquely suited to your specific needs. This functionality allows you to utilize various metrics, assignee, status, tags, and conversation type, providing a highly customizable approach to tracking and evaluating your team’s performance.


Finally, Hiver grants you the convenience of exporting and scheduling reports. Whether you wish to receive the export via email or direct it to an AWS S3 bucket, Hiver ensures that accessing and sharing vital insights is seamless and tailored to your specific workflow. This feature not only facilitates efficient reporting but also enables you to effortlessly integrate your team’s performance data into broader analytics processes.

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