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Upcoming Seminar with Google on 14 March 2024

Future Forward: Unleashing Marketing Innovation with Composable CDP and GenAI

Unleash the power of a Customer Data Platform (CDP) as it seamlessly transforms diverse touchpoint data into a unified perspective, refining personalized marketing strategies for unparalleled customer experiences. Discover how 53% of industry leaders define success through cost savings with CDP implementation [1], with an extraordinary 56.8% anticipating a remarkable 5-10x ROI from strategic CDP investments [1].

Embark on a journey with Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI), which is capable of dynamically creating and enhancing content, and is projected to shape and influence 30% of outbound marketing messages from major brands by 2025 [2]. 

Secure your spot in this groundbreaking exploration into the future of marketing and Immerse yourself in live demonstrations of our Gen AI for marketing platform.


Ron Kwok
Regional Partner Manager
Google Cloud
Frances Leung
Customer Engineer,
Cloud BI
Google Cloud
Gerald Ho
Lobo Yeung

Topics including:

- Google Data Cloud Ecosystem: The Most Open, Unified and Intelligent Platform
- How a Composable CDP works: Maximize Modularity, Flexibility and Compatibility
- Live Demo: GenAI for Marketing - Ignite Growth and Innovations by Boosting Creative Content

Date: 14th March 2024 (Thu)

Time: 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Address: Google Hong Kong Office, Tower 2, Times Square 1 Matheson Street, HK

Language: Cantonese with English Material

Target Audience:

- Person in charge of businesses
- Individuals with moderate digital or data maturity
- Marketers and Content Creators
#DataRevolution #DigitalTransformation #GenAIforMarketing

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